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Projetics Technology Solutions—
We help you understand and implement great technology

Formerly Wyatt
Enterprises / eDigiCiti



Welcome to Projetics!

We are a group of computer and business specialists who help businesses like yours make sense of—and maximize their investment in—technology. Beyond that, we also help implement just the right technologies for your business needs.

Our specialties include powerful SQL and MS Access databases, economical but highly effective web sites, and outstanding computer training.

Are you confused by all the latest "techno-geek speak"? Are you convinced technology could help you, but you don't know where to begin? 

Or perhaps you've started a technical project, but found you weren't able to communicate exactly what you wanted to those responsible for its success.

Or are you well-versed in technology, but need specialists to aid in a particularly challenging web, database, or collaboration project?

We know. And we care. Let us help you.

"Why Projetics?" you ask...

  Our founder, a trainer and educator by profession, began Projetics Technology Solutions to help people make sense of, and maximize their use of, this amazing, ever-changing, all-important new world of technology. 

From ecommerce to database implementation to networking your business across thousands of miles...when it comes to computers, we can help you determine exactly what you need, then help you implement it successfully.

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We care about your business!

  We've been where you are. Because we understand your challenges, we want to offer ourselves as a business resource. Let us become your partner in the world of business to help you reach your goals.
  From new marketing techniques to web site design to project consulting and training, Projetics is there to help. By becoming a partner in your business, we work with you to help you make your business dreams come true.

Make yourself at home

  Thanks for visiting us. Please take a moment to:
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bulletFind out who we are, and
bulletLearn more about our business services.

Of course, always feel free to contact us for more information.

Let us help you make your technology dreams come true!

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