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Projetics Technology Solutions—
We help you understand and implement great technology

Formerly Wyatt
Enterprises / eDigiCiti



Business Services

Beyond simply providing solid, dependable technology services, we are your link to understanding what technologies would best fit your needs and why

What kind of web site do you need? Do you need one at all? What are the best communication tools for your business? How do you make yourself available to and earn the trust of your clients through technology? In marketing, should you use "push" or "pull" methodology? What databases can help?

These are good questions. Done right, your business can flourish like never before. Done wrong, well....

Give us a call and we'll help you get it right!

Computer Training

  Your business can invest mountains of money in the latest computers and the most powerful software. But if no one knows how to use it, it's useless. Our own roots are in computer training, and we can help you get the most out of your investment...just like we've helped so many others.

We specialize in all Microsoft end-user products (Windows, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, Publisher, FrontPage, Project, and others), and are partnered with trainers in dozens of other software packages—both end-user and server level.

Powerful Databases

  For several years we've helped companies with their data storage and retrieval systems. Whether you need a solid, easy-to-use Access database, or a more robust SQL Server solution, we can help.

Our specialties

  Here's a short list of some of our specialties:
bulletTechnology training and consulting
bulletDatabase design and administration 
bulletWeb site development 
bulletInternet marketing 
bulletPermission marketing 
bulletEcommerce/Selling online
bulletNetworking/Computer consulting 
bulletIntranet development
bulletTraining/HR development 

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