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Helpful Links

What sites can be quick, easy resources for you and your business? Check here for the essentials, the great ideas, the fabulous freebies, and even a little fun now and then.

Helpful information is powerful and free if you know where to find it. Let us do the finding for you! Come back soon for the latest in helpful links. 

You can easily bookmark this page (press Ctrl+D and this page will automatically be added to your "Favorites or "Bookmarks" menu) to keep us handy.

Business Services

A very complete dictionary, plus an impressive free translation tool into several different languages.

The fastest, most accurate and complete search engine we've found.

Free legal documents and advice, specific to your state.

Find a very detailed (and surprisingly accurate) map and printable directions from anywhere to anywhere.

Microsoft's Knowledge Base
Surprisingly helpful answers to hundreds of thousands of questions about any of Microsoft's software—it's like "Help" on serious steroids. Follow the link above, then click "Knowledge Base" for a powerful question search engine. You'll also find newsgroups on all things Microsoft; feel free to post a question.

Use your computer to call phones for around 2¢ per minute.

Excellent resource for advice in small business. Conversely, give advice to boost your visibility (it can't hurt!).

Travelocity.com and Orbitz.com
Find the lowest prices on travel.

Online dictionary and thesaurus.

An amazing place for those interested in learning more about influencing customers and potential customers through advertising. (The books are highly recommended.)

Other Great Resources

Go here to find links to anything...er, "for" anything.

Find just about anything on any subject in this tremendous resource.

A wonderful site dedicated to helping people "Find your life mission and live it."

One of the most useful web sites on the Internet. Downloads, tips, tutorials, powerful searches...it's got it all.

Almost overwhelming collection of downloadable software, much of it free. Fortunately, there's a good search feature.

List of free (and/or inexpensive) Internet Service Providers.

Free Internet connection speed test. Find out how fast your Internet connection really is.

Download acres of free software. Tucows is also one of the web's most respected evaluators of software.

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