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Projetics Technology Solutions—
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Formerly Wyatt
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Website Design

Daily you have to find new business. Daily millions of people search the web for products and services just like yours. Are you there to be found?

Do I need a website?

  The Web is a quick, easy, non-confrontational "storefront" where people can shop your business anytime, anywhere. It's available 24 hours every day, from computers all over the world.

While there are many things vital to a successful business, a web site might well be the one best thing you can do for your business today.

What if I'm a service business and have nothing to sell online?


Even if your product or service doesn't lend itself to selling directly through the web, service businesses are maintaining a "web presence." It's the perfect way to prove the legitimacy of your business and to say to the world, "I'm here!"

We help make the web work for you

  First, and probably most important, we sit down with you and talk about your business's goals. What you want to accomplish with your web site determines everything else about it.

Do you want to simply display your services? Be found easily by "web surfers"? Actually sell products and take credit card orders through the web? What colors define you? Do you need a professional company logo? These and more we discuss at length.

Custom solutions:  What you need...no more, no less

  Please note: many web designers are able to maximize their profits by spending very little time talking with you, learning your business and its goals. Then they cookie-cut a web site for you, expecting that any old site is good enough. That's not Projetics. We customize every site we build to fit your needs precisely.

Then we go about the task of design. Our philosophy is that we're not happy until you're happy. Here are a few examples of our current (and very happy) customers:

bulletAmerican Society for Training and Development
bulletArt by Amy Queen
bulletB.B. Angelo/Brian Best
bulletDeb Tobey, Consultant
bullet Gospel Today/Gospel Industry Today
bulletInternational Association of Business Communicators
bulletNashville Fiber
bulletTennessee Tomorrow, Inc.
bullet ThinkPerformance!

Projetics also offers affordable, dependable hosting and webmaster services, ensuring your site is up and its content current anytime someone visits. Be sure to contact us for more information.

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Think Performance!

Gospel Today

Deb Tobey, Consultant

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