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Who is Projetics?
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Projetics Technology Solutions—
We help you understand and implement great technology

Formerly Wyatt
Enterprises / eDigiCiti



Who is Projetics?

We are a focused, professional group of computer and business specialists who comprise a complete set of technology-related services. 

In addition to our technological abilities, though, we are dedicated to making sure we know what you need, then making sure you get it...nothing more, nothing less.

Our method is to work with you as though we were actually an extension of your own business. We want to very clearly reflect that we care about you and your success.

Your technology partner

  Together we determine what fits your needs best. That naturally includes sitting down with you and learning about your business, as well as all the factors that might affect any technology-based solution.

Then we help you with the design, implementation, and follow-up of the solution. In the end, we want to make sure you're happy.

Sometimes working as your partner might include discouraging you from a project that is unnecessary, untimely, or not worth the investment...even if it would have made us money.

The bottom line: we want to help you succeed. 

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